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Eli Questions Lani About Her Baby's Paternity on Days of Our Lives

Lamon Archey

Lamon Archey

Rafe brings Hope the preliminary forensics report from Andre's office.

Gabi is not thrilled with Abigail's line of questioning. Abigail tells Gabi she loved Andre and reminds her she threatened his life. She asks Gabi if she followed through with it.

Kate fetches Chad so they can leave for the funeral home. He asks her if she was crying. Kate admits she came to love Andre even though she had several reasons to hate him.

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Eli interrogates Lani in the interrogation room. He knows she's pregnant and wants to know if he could be the father. She tells him she's been pregnant since mid-November, but didn't find out until after Christmas. She claims the baby is JJ's. Eli admits he doesn't necessarily believe her.

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