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Perkie's Observations: Bullets Fly on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Maurice Benard

Finola Hughes, Maurice Benard

Faison knocks out Maxie's guard. Maxie warns Faison that Sonny and Jason are after him. Faison says he doesn't fear street thugs. The two argue. Peter grabs the guard's gun, but Faison shoots him.

Lucas tells Bobbie and Carly that he and Brad are in the process of adopting a baby.

Anna takes Finn to the hospital to be checked out. After she leaves, Alexis talks to Finn. Finn tells Alexis he wants a relationship with Anna. Alexis says she understands dangerous relationships.

Sonny and Jason wait in the park for Sinclair. Anna shows up and tells Sonny about Faison's visit to her house. She still wants to protect Sinclair, but Sonny says they're playing by his rules.

Lulu looks for a way out of the stables even though the gas is making her and Liesl weaker.

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Amy tells Nathan that Maxie was headed to Crimson. When he gets to the hotel, Carly tells him there is a disturbance at Crimson. Nathan arrives as Faison grabs Maxie. Faison shoots Nathan.

Carly calls Sonny and Jason, who head to the Metro Court. Anna stays behind to meet with Henrik. Peter protects Maxie while Faison takes off. Lucas gets to Crimson to help Nathan.

Dante stops Sonny from going into the hotel. Faison grabs Carly and tries to force her to help him escape. Jason shows up and shoots Faison. Faison survives and tells Dante they won't see Lulu alive.

Peter tells Dante to search for Lulu at Wyndemere. Dante and Sonny head out.

Faison and Nathan are taken to the hospital. Finn works on Faison and Lucas works on Nathan. Bobbie reassures Maxie.

Anna waits for Henrik at the park. Peter arrives and watches her from the bushes.