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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Worries About Nathan on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Griffin is called in on Nathan's case since the bullet is close to his spinal column. He tells Maxie he will operate once Nathan is stabilized. Both Nathan and Faison code. Griffin and Finn bring them back.

Maxie gets upset when Faison is taken to surgery first, but Griffin feels they need to wait. Maxie gives her statement to Jordan.

Sonny and Dante don't find Lulu in the stable, so they head to the main house. Once there, they find Nina and Valentin who have just returned from vacation. The couple have no idea about Faison or his whereabouts. Sonny mentions the tunnels. Valentin opens the door behind the bookcase. Lulu and Liesl show up.

Peter steps on a branch. Anna realizes someone's in the park with her and thinks it Henrik. Jason shows up, scaring Peter away. Jason tells Anna he shot Faison, who is still alive. He also tells her Nathan was shot. Anna admits she wishes Faison was dead. Jason promises Faison is done one way or the other.

Peter heads back to the hotel, but Carly tells him the offices are sealed off. Jordan calls Peter in for a statement. Peter heads to the station and tells Jordan what happened in the office. He tells Jordan that Faison took a shot at him, but claims he missed.

Lulu fills them in about the gas canister and the tunnels. Sonny tells them Faison was shot. Jordan calls Dante to let him know what happened to Nathan.

Anna and Jason get to the hospital as Faison is coming out of surgery. Finn updates Anna that it's still too soon to know if Faison will make it.

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Jason comforts Maxie. He assures her Nathan knows she's there and feels her love. Maxie asks him to make sure Faison never hurts anyone else. Jason makes her the promise.

Dante and Lulu head to the station. Dante accuses Peter of putting Nathan in the line of fire with the article. Lulu defends Peter and says she's to blame for what happened to Nathan. Jordan calls her men to check out Crimson for the stray bullet that missed Peter.

Liesl and Nina sit with Maxie. A hospital employee wants to discuss organ donation with Maxie, but she refuse saying Nathan will pull through. Bobbie offers to call Felicia and Mac.

Anna's present when Faison wakes up. He explains he shot the wrong son. Anna says she had no idea he had a son. Faison tells her he didn't want Henrik. Anna asks who is responsible and Faison tells her, "Cassadine".

Finn comes in and drags Anna out. He tells her if she feels like questioning Faison again to bring a witness in case he dies. Jason lurks around Faison's bed.

Sonny heads back to the hotel to check on Carly. He doesn't understand why Faison went to Crimson. Carly is sure it was because of Maxie, but Sonny feels like they're missing something.

Peter heads to the park. He searches a garbage can where he left the bullet proof vest he was wearing when Faison shot him. He pulls the bullet out then lights the vest on fire.

Griffin comes out of surgery with news about Nathan.