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Perkie's Observations: Faison Points Jason to Drew on General Hospital

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Anders Hove, Steve Burton

Anders Hove, Steve Burton

Griffin explains to the family the bullet ricocheted off of Nathan's sternum, causing bone fragments to shatter. He says they think they removed all of the pieces around his heart, but they need to keep an eye on him.

Faison wonders why Jason hasn't killed him yet. Jason wants answers as to why he was replaced by Drew. Faison says he needed someone with Jason's skill set that he could control. It turns out you can't control someone with brain damage. Then, he found Drew and had Dr. Maddox replace the memories.

Faison says he gave Drew to Helena to program and that Henrik was working with him. He was supposed to kill Jason but didn't. Jason asks where Henrik is. Faison tells him to talk to Drew because he knows more than he realizes.

Finn tells Anna he regrets walking away from her. Anna says she has no regrets since being with him puts a target on his back. Finn says he knows that it's dangerous and messy, but wants to see where it goes. Anna disagrees.

Maxie, Liesl, and Nina take turns sitting and talking to Nathan. Lulu shows up, but is turned away because she isn't family.

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Sam and Drew return from their honeymoon early because they know Faison is in town. Peter updates them on the latest. He tells them this will be a big story and they need to get in front of it. Drew's not interested. Peter counters the public will assume there is a cover-up.

Anna stops Liesl from going into Faison's room. She tells her she can't kill Faison and she should stay with Nathan. Liesl tells Anna to kill Faison.

Peter sits with Lulu, who's feeling sorry for herself. She says she never wanted to marry a cop and admits she's grateful it's not her husband in that hospital bed. Peter says Nathan chose to do the interview and not to blame herself.

Finn kicks Jason out of Faison's room. Jason explains to Anna what Faison told him. Sam and Drew arrive, and Jason updates them. He says Henrik is hiding in plain sight and Drew knows more than he realizes.

Dante sits with Nathan while Maxie loses it in the bathroom. Maxie puts on another brave face once she's back in the room with Nathan. Nathan opens his eyes and the two share tender moments.

Nathan says he loves her before he flatlines.