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Paul Tries to Stall Will on Days of Our Lives

Chandler Massey, Christopher Sean

Chandler Massey, Christopher Sean

Brady is startled when he finds Victor sitting in his bedroom. Victor wants to talk about the harlot Brady's sleeping with.

Eve taunts Sonny whilst he tries to work, except he's not working. Sonny tells her he's mulling over divorce papers from Will. Eve asks if it's over, but Sonny seems hopeful.

Paul tries to stop Will from calling Marlena about John. Paul claims he may have misread the situation with Steve. Will doesn't understand why Paul is putting off talking to John. He tells Will he wants to make sure he has his facts straight first.

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John is holding a vial and pondering the universe. Marlena joins him at the pub for dinner. She asks if he's okay.

At the hospital, Kayla wants to know what Steve's doctor said about his vision problems. He tells her it's a chronic, autoimmune disease that cannot be cured.

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