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Perkie's Observations: Nathan Dies on General Hospital

Kristina Wagner, John York, Kirsten Storms

Kristina Wagner, John York, Kirsten Storms

Griffin tries to resuscitate Nathan, but Nathan dies. Nina and Maxie lose it, while Mac and Felicia try to comfort their daughter.

Drew and Sam a visit to Faison. Faison mocks them for ending up together. Drew asks about Dr. Maddox's flash drive that have his memories. Faison denies any knowledge of it. They ask where to find Henrik. Faison offers to tell them in exchange for helping him escape. Sam declares they'll find his son on their own.

Liesl tells Dante that Lulu is to blame because she wrote the article to further her career. She tells Dante he should have stopped her.

Stella shows up at the PCPD to complain to Jordan about her deadbeat landlord. Jordan gets the call from Dante and announces to her staff that Nathan has died. That shuts Stella up for about five minutes.

Curtis sits with Lulu, who's trying to put a positive spin on things while hoping for Nathan's recovery. She gets the call from Dante and Curtis drives her to the hospital.

Nina tries to get to Faison's room, but Valentin stops her. She sits with him and tearfully talks about her childhood with Nathan.

Lulu arrives at the hospital and comforts Dante, who doesn't think she should approach Maxie yet.

Jordan gets to the hospital and blames herself, but Curtis tells her that she's not responsible.

Sam tells Drew she's worried about Maxie because her life has gone from light to dark very quickly.

Peter pays Faison a visit. Faison asks about the flash drive. Peter admits he has it. (We now have confirmation that Peter is Faison's other son.)

Faison wants to know why Henrik didn't kill Jason. Peter says he kept Jason alive to go after Faison. Faison is shocked when Peter tells him Nathan is dead. He claims he killed the wrong son. Peter declares himself the winner as Faison's monitors go crazy.

Mac and Felicia take Maxie home. Amy finds Nathan's belongings and drops them off. Maxie insists on going through them. She holds it together until she finds the blood-covered sonogram in Nathan's pocket.