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Perkie's Observations: Anna Fires Off a Warning to Sonny on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes, Maurice Benard

Finola Hughes, Maurice Benard

Drew heads to the hospital to see Faison. Liz tells him Faison died the previous night from a cardiac arrest. He doesn't believe it, but Liz says the WSB did an autopsy. Drew's concerned that his past died with Faison. Liz tells him to carve out his own life.

Jason stops by Aurora to see Drew, but runs into Sam. He tells her about Faison's death. Sam feels he got what he deserved. She says Faison took Jason and their life away from her. Sam says she grieved for Jason and knows how Maxie feels. She says she got her miracle, but Maxie won't.

Anna meets with Sonny to ask about his intentions with Henrik. Sonny says he still wants to find Faison's son. Anna points out Henrik chose not to kill Jason, so Sonny owes him.

Sonny counters Robin was kept alive for her medical services and wonders why Anna is defending Henrik. Anna says she wants to debrief him because it's now WSB business. Anna says she spent her whole life looking over her shoulder because of Faison. She feels badly for the son. She wants to offer Henrik a safe path and warns Sonny to leave him alone.

Sonny claims Henrik went after Jason and he won't give him a chance to do it again. Anna warns him not to cross her because he doesn't want her as an enemy.

Kevin stops by the morgue. He tells the attendant he wants Faison's brain and he has the WSB's permission.

Joss receives the Cartullo dress Carly ordered for the dance. It turns out it's hideous thanks to Brenda's influence.

Nelle has breakfast with Michael and Monica. Monica feels what's best for the baby is for the parents to get along.

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Franco tells Scott about Kevin's psychological study, but Scott warns him against working with Kevin. Franco asks Scott to give him away at his wedding. Scott offers to be his best man.

Carly finds out Nelle spent some time at a mental institution. She thinks it's a good idea to tell Michael. Michael reminds Carly she spent some time in a mental institution. He adds both Sonny and Morgan had mental health issues. (Nope, sorry. That reality didn't happen, though it should have.)

Michael says he knows about Nelle's past. It doesn't matter to him since he decided to get along with Nelle for the sake of the baby.

Nelle talks to Joss. She mentions the problem with the dress. Nelle says she has the red Cartullo dress Joss wanted from Crimson. Nelle give it to Joss. Carly is less than thrilled. She accuses Nelle of undermining her while using the baby to break down Michael's defenses.

Nelle says they're already getting closer. Carly calls Nelle deranged. She lets Nelle know she knows about her stay in the mental hospital.

Franco tells Liz about Scott's negative feelings about Kevin. Liz says Scott is biased and brings up Kevin's brother Ryan. Franco claims he doesn't want to be part of Kevin's study. Liz feels he needs to work through his past in order to be free.

Jason updates Drew about what Faison told him about their capture. Drew wonders how long Jason's known about Henrik.

Sonny gets a call about his father. (Seriously? Is there anyone out there clamoring to find out about Mike?)

Franco stops by to see Kevin. He's geeked-out to see Faison's brain in a jar on Kevin's desk. Franco confesses he started his murderous tendencies at the age of 3.

Anna visits Faison in the morgue. She crows she beat him and he died never knowing her secret. She says he never got a piece of her soul. Anna says she's still standing and he never knew they had a child together.