Perkie's Observations: Drew Wants to Find His Memories on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Billy Miller, Kelly Monaco

Carly complains to Jason that Nelle has taken advantage of Morgan's death. She's upset Michael will have to put up with Nelle because of the baby. Jason assures her Michael will be a great father and they'll be there for him.

Sam tells Drew he doesn't need the flash drive because can remember his past on his own. Drew disagrees and thinks the flash drive is his best chance. Sam feels he needs to be careful how he uses it. Sam thinks Henrik took the ornament with the flash drive in it.

Franco explains to Kevin about pushing his "brother" Drew down the stairs. Kevin questions Franco's feelings, but he says he has no memory of the event. Franco says Betsy convinced him Drew was a figment of his imagination.

Kevin doesn't think Franco pushed Drew. He thinks it was an accident. When he asks if Franco has had any urges to hurt Liz or the boys, Franco denies it. Kevin says they need to work on his issues, but it will be a long process.

Griffin's still upset over Nathan's death. He wonders if there was more he could have done. Liz assures him Nathan couldn't be saved and only Faison is responsible for his death. They start to talk about Franco. Liz questions if Griffin worries Ava will revert to her old self. He says he has faith in her.

Nelle declares to Ava she's going to take Carly out since her biggest obstacle with Michael is his family. Ava says she needs a strategy because Carly will see her coming. Nelle says she's going to hit Carly where it hurts.

Sonny meets his father's girlfriend Rita. She tells him Mike delivers money for Caruso. She explains he's been gone awhile and a couple of goons came looking for him. Sonny thinks this means Mike is gambling again and stole the money to pay his debt.

Mike comes home. He's happy to see Sonny until he gets questioned about the trouble he's in. Mike says this is the only job he could get, but swears he didn't take the money.

Jason wants answers from Peter. Namely, he wants to know why he went to see Faison at the hospital. Peter claims it was because Faison took a shot at him. Jason mentions Peter was the last to see Faison alive. Peter's not interested in Jason's questions.

Carly tells Michael that Nelle got violent and tried to hit her. However, she admits she provoked Nelle. Michael promises that he'll keep the baby safe.

Jason runs into Sam. He wants to share information with Drew, but Sam says that is not likely to happen. Sam decides she and Jason will not see much of each other anymore. She wishes him a good life.

Peter tells Drew about Jason's questions, but swears he never saw Faison before that night.

Nelle stops by to apologize to Carly. She tells her and Michael she wants to name the baby Morgan.