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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Is Targeted By Attack Ads on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

Sonny demands to know how much money Mike owes. Mike swears he isn't gambling and he made the drop to his boss. Sonny decides he'll give Mike a weekly allowance rather than have him work, and Mike accepts the offer. Mike gets tripped up remembering Carly's name.

Jordan's surprised to see Dante at work. He's there to clean out Nathan's desk so Maxie doesn't have to. Dante says he feels like he lost a brother.

Deanna shows Alexis an attack ad paid for by Ned's campaign. It puts focus on Alexis' bad relationship with Julian.

Kim's hanging out with Julian when reporters show up to harass him for a comment. Curtis manages to get rid of them, then tells Julian about the attack ads against Alexis.

Anna's trying to find Henrik online. She's surprised by Robin, who's in town for Nathan's funeral. Robin wonders what her mother is trying to hide, but Anna simply says it's WSB business.

Robin and Anna discuss Faison and how he's gone from their lives for good. Robin says she understands why Liesl tried to keep Nathan away from his father. Anna agrees Liesl was terrified of Faison, then blames herself for not stopping him when he was at her house.

Robin brings up Finn. Anna says their relationship wasn't real and he was working with her. She apologizes for letting Robin believe they were together. Robin doesn't buy it.

Stella is brought into the PCPD for attacking someone. She claims he tried to steal her purse. The man explains he was trying to help her cross the street when she hit him. Jordan calls Curtis. She says there is a discrepancy in their stories and there is no way to prove who's telling the truth.

Jordan convinces the guy to drop the charges since he's out on parole. Curtis offers to look into it.

Finn takes Alexis to the Rib to get her mind off the attack ad. Julian and Kim show up. Julian apologizes to Alexis about the ad.

Kim asks Julian about his criminal past. He admits he's been to prison a couple of times, but is turning his life around. Kim believes he doesn't have to pay for the rest of his life.

Anna and Robin show up at Jake's.

Sonny finds a bag of cash in Mike's possession.