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Vivian Feels Confident About Her Future Plans on Days of Our Lives

Tyler Christopher, Louise Sorel

Tyler Christopher, Louise Sorel

Kayla is trying in vain to get an eye appointment for Steve when JJ drops by her office. He wants to have a chat with her about Lani's pregnancy.

Valerie approaches Lani at the Brady Pub. Lani tells her it's not a good time for her to talk. Valerie informs her she knows Lani's baby is Eli's. Lani tries to deny it, thinking Valerie is trying to trick her into exposing the truth. Valerie sets her straight by reminding her she and JJ weren't close in December. Lani accuses Valerie of looking up her records.

Abigail visits Andre's crypt. She relates a dream she keeps having about Andre trying to tell her who killed him.

Vivian tells Stefan she thinks John Black will be off their trail since Andre is dead. She says they can move forward with their plan. Just then, Gabi walks in.

Eli and Rafe are looking at a tape from the DiMera office. They realize the woman on it is neither Hattie nor Anna. However, they do recognize her as Gabi.

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