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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Convinces Mike to Move to PC on General Hospital

Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Nina's not happy when Anna shows up at Wyndemere. Anna says the WSB will be searching the grounds for anything Faison may have left behind. She also has Faison's personal effects she wants to give to Liesl.

Liesl's not interested in them, so Anna asks about Henrik. She wonders if Liesl can help her find him. Anna claims she's worried he'll follow in his father's footsteps. She warns they need to be careful. Nina and Liesl want nothing to do with this and head out.

Sam wants to take Drew to Thailand to finish the honeymoon they didn't have, but he doesn't seem as interested. Alexis shows up to tell them about the attack ad and claims Ned had no knowledge of it. Alexis asks for Aurora's endorsement, but Drew says it wouldn't look right since they're family.

Peter runs into a sad Lulu who blames herself for Nathan's death. Ned stops by to let them know he's willing to do an interview for the mayoral race. Lulu mentions she doesn't know much about Peter.

Peter tells her he was abandoned by his mother at birth. He was then given to his father who shipped him off to boarding school. Peter explains his mother arranged for his father to get him through an intermediary. His father had no idea who she was. He rants about his father, then declare he wrote himself a better ending.

Sonny demands to know where the money came from, but Mike claims not to know. The two argue back and forth until Rita is forced to break them up. Mike storms out. After, Rita says she has no idea about the money, but Mike hasn't been himself lately.

Jim asks Julian if he's interested in selling the bar. Julian turns him down again. Julian explains to Curtis he's putting down roots and likes the area. Curtis chats about Aunt Stella's mugger and how he's disappeared. Julian figures the mugger was hired and someone helped him leave town.

Ned stops by to see Drew. He plays the Quartermaine family card and asks for his endorsement. Drew says he can't, just like he couldn't for Alexis.

Sonny wants Mike and Rita to come with him to Port Charles for a visit. Rita says she has to work and Mike refuses to go because he has friends and a routine. Rita insists, so Mike eventually agrees to go with Sonny.

Jim chats up Alexis in order to get her in his corner for the redevelopment, but she doesn't seem interested.

Peter tells Drew he plans to resign and leave Port Charles.

Anna asks Valentin if he ever crossed paths with Faison. Valentin says he knows Anna had a child with Faison.