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Paul and Will Work Together to Trap John on Days of Our Lives

Chandler Massey, Christopher Sean

Chandler Massey, Christopher Sean

JJ goes old school and asks Abe if he can marry Lani. Abe is honored to be part of the process. JJ professes his love for Lani and the baby.

Lani tells Eli she lied to him, everyone, and JJ about the baby's paternity. She apologizes for not being truthful from the beginning. Eli says he knew it all along. Lani admits the baby complicates all their relationships and puts them in jeopardy.

Kayla has the results of Steve's blood test. She hopes to get some information about his medical problems.

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John stops by the hospital to pick up Marlena. Will and Paul are watching them from around the corner. Will tells Paul they have no explanation for why John is poisoning Steve. Will wants to go to the police, but Paul puts him off.

Marlena tells John she wants to check with Kayla about Steve. As they turn to leave, a big, strapping man stops them. He says he needs to talk to

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