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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Gives Anna Details on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Valentin says he knows the truth about Anna and her baby. Anna doesn't believe it, but he tells the story. When they were in spy school together, Faison was the biggest target. Anna thought it would further her career to be the one to nab him.

One night, Anna dressed in disguise and Valentin followed her. He watched her and Faison leave together. Anna admits she was ambitious. Valentin continues. Anna took a leave of absence mid-semester. When the time came, she went to a midwife in Brussels to give birth.

Liz mentions to Kiki and Ava they haven't found a venue for their wedding reception. Ava offers her use of the gallery.

Michael tells Nelle he doesn't want to name the baby Morgan. Nelle feels that it's a nice way to honor his memory. However, Michael feels it just brings up painful memories.

Peter hands Drew his resignation. Drew asks why he's leaving. Peter claims he accomplished what he came to do and is still in shock from the shooting. Drew asks him to wait a day or two before making the decision.

Carly decorates Jason's new place. She is excited he's having a night with Danny. Carly natters on again about Sam's feelings for Jason. Carly thinks she feels safe with him and will come around to loving him again...yada yada, yada.

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Alexis drops off Danny. Carly's not amused that it wasn't Sam. Alexis claims Sam is busy with work. Carly thinks it's because Sam can't trust herself around Jason. Shut up Carly!

Liz tells Franco about Ava's offer. The two head to the pub, which has become the new "in" place. Drew and Sam end up there as well. Drew tells her Peter's leaving.

Jim introduces himself to Drew and soon finds out who he really is. Jim explains he used to date Betsy and knew the boys as kids. Sam asks if he has any memories of Drew's past, but Jim doesn't remember much.

Kiki and Michael run into each other and briefly discuss his relationship with Nelle. He asks Kiki if she's going to the hospital party for the new med students. She refuses to go since she won't have a date. Michael tells her not to let Dillon ruin her big moment.

Nelle tells Ava she has plans for Carly. Ava's all for it. Later, Nelle crank-calls Carly.

Stalker Valentin explains he went to the midwife's house in Brussels, but Anna was already gone. He claims the midwife told him Anna never saw the baby. The midwife gave "her" to a good family who never knew Faison was the father.

Anna is relieved to hear that the baby was a girl and leaves. Valentin gets a look on his face that clearly says he was lying about the baby's gender. He calls Peter and tells him not to leave town.