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Abigail Is Haunted By Her Dreams on Days of Our Lives

Marci Miller, Camila Banus

Marci Miller, Camila Banus

John shows up at the hospital. Marlena stops him just before he goes into a room. She was worried because he didn't answer any of her calls. When Marlena asks where he was, John thinks back to walking out of the crypt...alone.

Hope calls Will and gets his voicemail. She tells him she's thinking about their conversation regarding John's strange behavior. She wants him to call her back so she knows he's okay.

Carrie pops into Hope's office. She wants Anna and Roman's charges cleared since Gabi was arrested for Andre's murder.

Kate approaches the crypt when Lucas stops her at the door. He tells her he's looking for Will and wants to know if she's seen him.

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Abigail dreams she returns to Andre's office. She walks into the office and spots Tony's urn. She reaches into the urn and her hand comes out with blood. Gabi saunters in with the urn's lid and asks Abigail if that's what she's looking for. Abigail screams and jolts herself awake.

Justin visits Gabi at the police station before her arraignment. She tells Justin she didn't kill Andre. She explains to Justin she knows what to expect because she's been in this position before.

Stefan tells Mr. Shin he won't be disappointed in his plans for Gabi Chic. Rafe and Eli pop in to the DiMera mansion with more questions for Stefan.

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