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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Heaps the Blame on Lulu on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms

Kirsten Storms

Maxie berates Lulu for putting Nathan in the line of fire. She feels Lulu exploited him for the sake of an interview. Maxie says Lulu took everything from her. Maxie adds that Lulu is incapable of regret, and calls her a murderer. Dante drags Lulu away and Maxie turns to Nina for comfort.

Alexis and Finn go out to the bar after a meeting. Alexis asks about Finn's relationship with Anna. Finn doesn't know where he stands.

Peter talks to Nathan's grave about his regret at not knowing his brother.

Maxie heads to the reception. She can't handle the sorrow and leaves. Spinelli finds her to keep her company. Spin tells her to come to Portland with him, but Maxie declines. She feel she has to stay and deal with Nathan's death.

Drew wants answers from Franco regarding Jim's knowledge of their past. Franco's not interested in Drew's questions.

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Anna wonders why Valentin kept quiet about the baby. Valentin says he never wanted to destroy Anna. Anna asks if Valentin knows the baby's whereabouts. He denies having any current information.

Julian walks Kim home and she's shocked to see Oscar has a black eye. Oscar says he got into a fight, which does not sit well with Kim

Lulu blames herself. Dante tries to assure her it's not her fault. Lulu says she needs to quit because it will show Maxie how sorry she is.

Valentin warns Peter not to leave town because it will look suspicious.

Nina heads back to the cemetery to give Nathan a final goodbye.

Maxie talks to the baby about Nathan and promises they'll get through this.