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Perkie's Observations: Alexis and Ned Sweat Out Election Day on General Hospital

Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

It's Election Day in Port Charles and the Charles Street district is ready for a new mayor. Julian finds Alexis practicing both her victory and concession speeches. Ned worries to Olivia he could lose if Alexis gets sympathy votes.

Griffin continues testing Mike's cognitive abilities, much to his annoyance. Griffin suggests a CT scan. Sonny wants to know what's going on. Griffin explains he wants to rule out a stroke or possible head trauma.

Peter heads to Nathan's grave to apologize. Maxie shows up and thanks Peter for saving her. She adds if it hadn't been for him, Faison would have kidnapped her. Maxie admits she doesn't know what to without Nathan. Maxie calls Peter a hero who put himself on the line for her.

At the law offices, Diane repeats the stipulations of Faison's will. Anna and Sam declare Faison just wanted to pit the brothers against each other. Anna's given a statue, but she tells Diane to sell it. The last item in the will is for the rest of Faison's estate is to go to his son.

Anna wonders if it means Nathan is the heir. Diane says there is no name mentioned, so it could be Henrik. 

Curtis tells Jordan and Julian that Stella's mugger was paid before and after the mugging, just before he disappeared. Jordan figures Alexis' campaign was the target and not Stella.

Sonny updates Jason on Mike's condition. He says despite all of their bad blood, he doesn't know how to be the son his father needs now. Jason tells him about Faison's will. He thinks Henrik will surface to claim his share.

Drew questions if Sam is worried he'll go after Jason. Sam knows the brothers are too smart to play Faison's game. She's still determined to find the flash drive. Peter shows up and tells them he's decided to stay in town.

Jim and Ned share a drink. Jim's full of praise for Ned and his chances of winning. Once alone, Jim calls someone to tell them to "run it".

Anna tells Maxie about the inheritance going to Nathan. Maxie refuses it, saying she doesn't want Faison's blood money.

With the last few minutes of the election underway, Molly spots an article on the online Invader. It exposes Alexis talking to Nora to get Julian out of jail.