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Bill Questions Wyatt About Liam's Plans on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont

Don Diamont

Wyatt is in Bill's office. He's a bit snippy and feeling sorry for himself. He tells Wyatt he's forgiven himself, yet he still feels alone. Wyatt informs him his own forgiveness isn't really the same for everyone else.

He wonders if Wyatt has ever been between the sheets with someone the world wasn't supposed to know about. He deflects the question and tells Bill he's there because he can't keep doing the work of two people. He informs Bill he's delusional if he thinks Liam's returning to Spencer.

Bill says he's holding out as long as possible. He asks if Liam intends to shut him out of his granddaughter's life. Wyatt tells Bill they don't talk about him because they don't want to rehash the worst thing that's happened to Liam.

Hope visits Liam at the seedy hotel. They bicker about who is the worst driver. Liam tells her he's interested in helping her with her charitable donations. He explains how he put it together at Spencer and points out some of the groups he worked with.

While he's talking, Hope spots the sonogram of Liam's daughter. She gets choked up, freaks out a bit, and leaves. Once she gets into the hallway alone, she breaks down. 

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