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Marlena Tries to Ease John's Concerns on Days of Our Lives

Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn

Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn

A fully-clothed Eric gets out of bed to answer his door. It's Jennifer with a glazed chocolate doughnut. They admit they haven't stopped thinking about their reunion.

A disheveled Claire comes into the apartment. Ciara wonders what happened to her vacation plans.

Brady is on the phone with Paul getting an update about Steve. He's relieved everyone is okay and will talk to his dad soon. When he hangs up, he tells Victor John was forced to go rogue and poison Steve.

Victor thinks Brady is developing feelings for Eve. Brady tells him it's part of his plan. He outlines how he's going to complete it. Brady asks Victor to trust him. Just then, Eve comes into the room.

John and Marlena are eating breakfast at the pub. John is mad at himself. He says he should have thought out a better plan. Marlena tries to assure him and says the ISA would have figured out he was scamming them. John frets that Steve got the antidote too late.

Kayla is in Steve's room at the hospital. She looks at a bouquet of flowers. The card is from Steve. As she reads it, Tripp comes in. He wants to know where Steve is and why he's not in his bed.

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