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Perkie's Observations: Griffin Helps Sonny With Mike's Diagnosis on General Hospital

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Maurice Benard, Matt Cohen

Maurice Benard, Matt Cohen

Carly promises Nina she'll have the carpet replaced before Maxie gets back to work. Maxie however, shows up for work. She tells Nina she can't stay cooped up and needs to be there.

Jason wants Sam to publish an article about Faison's will since it's his best shot at finding Henrik. Peter's curious, so Sam explains the terms of the will to him. Jason wants to draw Henrik out of hiding even though it won't give him back his missing five years.

Sam thinks it might make Henrik run away and worries about the consequences for Drew. Jason decides not to run the article.

Nelle tells Ava that she's going to be part of the Quartermaine family soon. Ava warns her not to get too confident. Michael comes to pick up Nelle for childbirth class.

Griffin gives Mike and Sonny the diagnosis of Alzheimer's. Mike's in denial and warns Sonny not to tell anyone before storming off.

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Alexis meets with Brad to let him know an expectant mother is interested in him and Lucas as parents to her baby. Although the mother wants to remain anonymous, she wants to know about their history and family. Carly thinks the birth mother is hiding something.

Maxie tells Nina that childbirth classes start today. Nina offers to be her birth coach and the two head over to the hospital. Maxie is not happy to have Nelle in the class and snarks her out. Michael promises Nelle they are a team.

Mike shows up at the gallery thinking it's Luke's old place. He's confused when Ava tells him otherwise. Ava calls the police when he breaks a piece of art.

Griffin tells Sonny he can get a second opinion, but an Alzheimer's diagnosis will end the same way. He figures Mike has 4-8 years and Sonny needs to make decisions for Mike's future now.

Sam mentions to Peter they're still looking for the flash drive, which Peter has possession of.

Carly gets an anonymous call. Jason asks about it. Carly tells him it was the sound of an explosion.