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Perkie's Observations: Ava Tells Griffin She Loves Him on General Hospital

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Matt Cohen, Maura West

Matt Cohen, Maura West

Dante shows Jason where Morgan's car exploded before he died. Carly swears she's been getting multiple calls from a certain pay phone and she's not imagining it.

Jason finds a homeless man hanging around the pay phone Carly is getting the calls from. He tells them he saw a well kept man using the phone. Carly tells Jason she hasn't been there since Morgan's death and explains how things went down at the time.

Sonny insists Mike is sick and wants him released, but Chase is doing things by the book. Sonny asks about Dante, but learns he's out on a call. Sonny wants to take Mike home and promises to bring him back. Chase says Mike is stuck at the precinct until morning.

Ava tells Griffin she loves him, but he doesn't have to say it back. Griffin admits he doesn't know how to respond since he's unsure of his feelings. Griffin says he thinks of Ava all the time, but he's terrified by what he is feeling.

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Griffin says he's worried he won't be enough for Ava, but she swears she's not tired of him. Griffin wonders if Ava can live with him putting his patients first. Ava says what they have is enough for her.

Brad stops by the pub to tell Julian that he and Lucas are adopting. He adds they are asking that Julian not be a part of the child's life. Brad says if the adoption agency comes calling, Julian is to tell them he and Lucas are estranged. Julian's not happy, but agrees to do what they want.

Nelle buys Josslyn a pair of boots to go with the dress for the dance. She lays it on thick about how Carly was upset with her for getting the dress. Nelle mentions she wanted to name her baby Morgan. Joss isn't thrilled and reminds Nelle of the crap she pulled with Sonny during that time. Joss says she can see her mother's point on this.

Dante gets to the station as Sonny and Chase are arguing about Mike. Sonny explains the situation to Dante. He says Mike has to stay at the station, but promises to stay with him. Chase accuses Dante of not following procedure. Dante counters Chase could have shown some compassion.

Sonny fills Carly in about Mike's condition and how there is no cure. Carly tells Jason that Sonny will need them and he promises to be there.

Nelle pays the homeless man in booze for the story he told Dante and Carly.