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Perkie's Observations: Maxie Worries About Her Baby's Future on General Hospital

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Kirsten Storms, Kristina Wagner

Kirsten Storms, Kristina Wagner

Dante feels it's time for Lulu to start mending fences with Maxie. Lulu tells him she's not quitting her job because Peter feels she's too valuable. Dante's not happy about it. He thinks Peter is using her and she's the one taking all the risks.

Lulu points out that Dante takes risks everyday. Dante doesn't think it's the same thing.

Peter doesn't understand why Maxie is back at work so soon. She says she can't sit in her apartment where all the good memories of Nathan are. She says it's easier to be at work, even though Nathan was shot there.

Peter tells Maxie if she can face Crimson, she can face anything. He mentions how he resigned from his job, but had a change of heart.

Anna tells Felicia that Faison had Huntington's Disease and Nathan could have been a carrier. She says Maxie will need to have her baby tested and Felicia agrees to tell her.

Liz notices that Franco still seems preoccupied. She says he can tell her anything. After the wedding, she expects total honesty from him. Scott catches up with them and gives Franco a card. It turns out to be a congratulatory card from Betsy.

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Drew congratulates Jim on helping with the election win. He wonders if they can do business together sometime. Jim's all for it. Drew asks about Jim's dating history with Betsy Frank. Jim says Betsy loved them both. Drew wonders why she sent him to an orphanage.

Jim says he broke up with Betsy before that happened, but he remembers Drew and Franco were always butting heads.

While Drew is distracting Jim, Curtis lets himself into Jim's construction site office. He's there to find dirt on him. Later, Curtis heads back to Drew. He says he didn't find a link to Betsy, but someone did help Betsy disappear, and she profited financially. Drew doesn't think it was Franco, but it could have been Jim.

Anna tells Andre she needs to find her baby to notify her about the disease. She makes plans to go to Brussels and Andre offers to go with her.

Felicia tells Maxie about Faison having Huntington's. She informs her there is a 50% chance Nathan had it. She says it can be passed down to the baby, which upsets Maxie.

Liz shows up at Jim's office and tells him about her upcoming wedding the following day. She says she's looking for Betsy, who sent a card to Franco. Jim claims he doesn't know Betsy's whereabouts because they've been out of touch for years.

Maxie tells Peter about the brain disease and how Faison's children could be affected.