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Opinion: Dollar Bill's Two Cents on Wyatt and Katie's Relationship Delivers a Million on The Bold and the Beautiful

Don Diamont, Darin Brooks, Heather Tom

Don Diamont, Darin Brooks, Heather Tom

By now many Daytime Confidential readers and listeners know I'm just a huge stan of Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and Katie (Heather Tom), better known as "Watie," since the pairing began. 

Critics of the pairing keep harping over the tiny little detail of Wyatt being Katie's ex-husband Bill's (Don Diamont) son and of course, her baby daddy. To nitpick that little detail means you must've taken a nap for the past 30 years of The Bold and the Beautiful, given that messing around with a family member's ex is kind of the show's greeting card. 

Viewers such as myself, wondered exactly how Dollar Bill Spencer would react to finding out the son, who Wyatt and Bill have each said is just like him, is now romantically involved with someone he's been with. With Bill smarting over Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) ditching him to return to Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), his romp with the one unicorn he's coveted (Steffy, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) would he really care if Wyatt had a little thang going on with Katie? You bet your Eye On Fashion magazine he would!

I just knew the payoff would be spectacular when Bill discovered Wyatt's so-called "betrayal." We all know what type of man Dollar Bill is and B&B didn't disappoint. We've all seen his relationship with Katie crash and burn, but that doesn't mean he still won't act as if she's still one of his commodities. The ego on that man can fill up the Grand Canyon. His reaction at learning the son he's closest to is taking up with his ex-wife was dramatic gold.

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B&B has found a great formula for partnering up Brooks, Tom, and Diamont. The trio produced a powerful performance, with Diamont and Tom doing that familiar dance they've nailed over the years, while Brooks delivered the perfect leading man refusing to back down. Ever since Diamont's arrival, it's felt to me that B&B never had the right adversarial man to face-off against Bill. Now they do, and Brook's Wyatt has been right under their nose.

Bill's rationale is ridiculous, considering he has been harboring feelings for Steffy for years and twice-ditched his wife (who had postpartum depression) for her sister, but is there something more? With B&B, you never know if they are starting to unwrap a new gift for viewers to savor down the line. 

What if Bill is actually resentful of his son taking up with Katie and not because of the logistics, so to speak? Here it is, Bill's mini-me is stepping up to the plate with Katie in ways Bill never has. Think about it. Wyatt is treating Katie right day in and day out, while Bill watching on the sidelines is enough to drive Bill crazy. Bill has always been successful in business, but when it comes to matters of the heart, he is a huge failure. To see Wyatt excel at being a great husband to Katie and stepfather to Will is enough to push Bill to his limits.  

Meanwhile, Wyatt has proven he isn't just a yes man with his father. He stunned me when he stood his ground and fought his father for his lady love. Since Wyatt discovered he was Bill's son, he has always played second fiddle to Liam (Scott Clifton), and no matter what that poor guy does, he never can gain Bill's respect or the status Liam has. Wyatt stepped up during Bill and Liam's tiff and gained huge favor with his father. It made me wonder if he would toss his romance with Katie to the side. It was refreshing to see Wyatt stand up to his old man. 

The fallout and ramifications of this relationship can play out for years, if done right. To have Wyatt surpass his father in an area he crashed and burned is enough to drive Bill insane. Bill constantly rethinking how Wyatt can or will best him is great television. If you aren't watching The Bold and the Beautiful, you should be.