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ABC’s Nathan Varni on Genie Francis Returning to General Hospital: “We Want a Laura-centric Story”

Genie Francis

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General Hospital came under intense fan and media scrutiny after it was revealed in January that soap opera icon Genie Francis had been bumped to recurring. Now it appears the show is working to correct its mistake.

In an interview with Daytime After Dark, ABC Network executive Nathan Varni revealed the writing team at GH is working on a big, Laura-centric storyline for Francis and hopes the fan favorite will return sooner rather than later.

“What we want is a prolific, big story for Laura that deserves the many talents of Genie Francis,” he revealed. “So our writers are thinking and working on that as we speak. It’s my intention that I hope we can continue to have a relationship as Genie obviously is a very important part of GH and the GH family. But you know, we want to be able to service the talents of Genie and we don’t want to just have any tiny little story where she kind of blends into the background. We want a Laura-centric story. So we are continuing to work on that and hopefully, that will be on screen sooner than later.” 

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What kind of big, Laura-centric storyline would you like to see GH’s writing team deliver?