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Perkie's Observations: Franco Makes a Startling Discovery on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

Franco runs into Drew in the stairwell and has another memory of their childhood. Franco starts crying, which confuses poor Drew (seriously, what was that?). Franco realizes someone else was there that night.  

Julian explains the sewage issues and Oscar gets a bit snarky. He declares a new venue needs to be found. (Seriously show, not everything is Julian's fault, nor does he need to be blamed for it.)

Curtis claims he works with the PCPD, but Jim mentions him the seeing maps. Jordan says there is no proof, but Jim says he has security footage of Curtis. Jim says the maps are proprietary, so Jordan has Curtis delete them from his phone. That's not enough for Jim. Jordan is forced to arrest Curtis for breaking and entering.  

Guests begin to arrive at the church for the Franco and Elizabeth nuptials (Ugh, you have no idea how much it hurts me to write that). Felix, Kiki, and Epiphany share a toast to Liz. Cameron (who?!) tells Kevin he hopes Franco will make his mother happy since she deserves it.

Scott runs into Ava. He isn't sure about her relationship with Griffin, but Ava says she's happy. Scott then runs into Kevin and tells him he shouldn't be digging into Franco's past. Scott feels there is a reason Franco's memories are buried. He warns he'll hold Kevin responsible if Franco snaps.  

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Liz admits she knows her friends have reservations about Franco. Felix assures her if she sees the good in Franco, then he trusts her. Liz says she wishes Sabrina could be there since she was the first one to accept Franco. Felix agrees that Sabrina would be happy for Liz.  

Kim tells Drew there will be no dance and Drew finds a way to blame Julian. Drew then mentions his strange run-in with Franco on the stairs. He tells Kim they were raised together until he was sent to a state home. Drew asks if he ever told her about that time, but Kim says he never did.  

Anna and Finn are headed to the Rib to receive commendations from the WSB. Anna doesn't want the party that Mac wants to throw for her. They bump into Oscar who mentions he's looking for a new venue for his dance. Mac agrees to give them the Rib for the night.

Finn overhears Anna making arrangements to leave town with Andre, and misunderstands their real intentions.  

Jordan questions Curtis, who believes Jim's reasons for wanting redevelopment have more to do with what's underneath Charles Street.  

Jim finds Franco waiting for him in his office. Franco wants to know why Betsy sent Drew away. Jim claims he was long gone from their lives before that happened. Franco believes Jim is lying. He now remembers Jim being there the night Drew fell down the stairs.  

Epiphany tells Liz not to put on her wedding dress because Franco is nowhere to be found.