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Perkie's Observations: Julian's Sewage Problems May Turn to Gold on General Hospital

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William deVry

William deVry

It's Scout's first birthday. The family gathers to celebrate, which includes Monica, Alexis, and Oscar. Oscar asks for extra bodies to chaperone the dance. Drew volunteers himself and Sam. Julian sends a gift. This upsets Sam, who believes her father hasn't changed.  

Kim appreciates all the work Julian is putting into the dance, despite the fact he'll lose business for one night. Jim stops by once again to ask Julian to sell the bar and Julian says no.  

Sonny tells Ava to drop the charges against Mike. Ava says the insurance won't cover the costs unless she makes a claim. Sonny says he'll pay for the damages to make it go away. Ava accepts his offer, but also wants a night with Avery.  

Rita comes to town looking for Mike. Carly tells her about the diagnosis. Rita decides she can't handle it and tells Carly she’s leaving.  

Franco heads to the hospital to yell at Kevin. (Shut up Franco!) Franco explains he had a dream that Drew wasn't going down the stairs, so he made him. Franco thinks Drew will eventually remember and worries what he'll do. 

Kevin says Drew and Franco need to get their memories so they can move on and search for the truth together. Franco decides he's going ahead with the wedding and will figure it out after.  

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Curtis shows Jordan copies of the geological maps of Port Charles. He's trying to figure out what Jim's project is all about and why the Julian's pub is in the middle of it.  

Michael heads to the station to sit with Mike while he waits for his arraignment.  

The two reminisce. Mike acknowledges at some point he won't remember their past, but Michael will. Sonny shows up and says the charges have been dropped so Mike can go home.  

Julian has problems with sewage backing up into the restaurant and heads to the PCPD to file a complaint against Jim. Jordan tells him there is no proof of anything. Julian heads to the hospital to tell Kim and Oscar there will be no dance at the pub.  

Kiki stops by the gallery. She gets upset when she finds out Ava finagled a sleepover with Avery in exchange for dropping the charges against Mike. Ava says she isn't a bad person. She never gets to see her child and won't regret making this deal.  

Jim finds out someone was in his office. When he heads to the station to press charges, he spots Curtis and recognizes him as the intruder.  

Franco and Drew run into each other in the hospital stairwell.