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Chad Comes Face-to-Face With "Abigail" on Days of Our Lives

Billy Flynn

Billy Flynn

Ciara asks Tripp if he's getting someone to cover him at work so he can go to Hope's wedding. Tripp claims he forgot because he's worried about his father. Meanwhile in the apartment, Claire listens to the recording on her cell phone revealing Rafe's affair with Sami.

Maggie walks into Doug's Place to find Julie rehearsing for the wedding. She's there to drop off her gift because she's not going to attend the wedding. Maggie informs Julie she won't be able to hide her sadness because her marriage is on the rocks.

Brady comes into the living room. He tells Victor that Henderson told him Maggie moved out. Brady wants to know what Victor did to drive her away.

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Vivian comes to Stefan's bedroom and realizes Stefan already knows about Abigail's bizarre behavior. She wants to know what is going on between him and Abigail.

Chad is in the living room downstairs. He is curious about what Vivian is up to. He wanders to wardrobe and opens the door to Narnia. Just then Gabigail comes in. She yells out to Chad, who gets a good look at her get-up.

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