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Perkie's Observations: Liz and Franco's Wedding Falls Apart on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

At the dance, Lulu's writing a story for the local newspaper. Joss and Oscar talk about including everyone. A bully shows up and throws an ink balloon that hits Joss. Oscar goes after him, but Drew breaks it up.

Peter tells Valentin about Faison's diagnosis. He's worried he could be a carrier and is not sure he wants to be tested. Peter mentions the will, which Nina overhears. She feels Maxie should be the one to get the money.

Michael tells Nelle they need to choose someone to take care of the baby in case something happens to them.

Scott tells Epiphany and Liz the guests are getting restless. Epiphany asks him where Franco might be and Scott heads out to find him. When a lot of time passes, Liz decides Franco's not coming and calls the wedding off.

Franco insists that Jim tell him the truth. Jim finally admits he was there the night Drew fell down the stairs. Jim says Franco pushed Drew. He says no one else needs to know the truth. Jim brings up Liz's boys, but Franco swears he wouldn't hurt the them. Franco blames the tumor. He decides Jim's lying to him about that night.

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Curtis wants Jordan to investigate Jim, but she says there is no evidence against him. Jordan says she reached out to a geologist to check out the maps.

Nina runs into Carly and asks about Joss' dress. Carly tells her that Nelle got it for Joss from her previous Crimson work. This is news to Nina.

Michael asks Jason to be the baby's guardian.

Carly heads to the gallery to tell Nelle she's not going use Joss to get to Michael. Carly accuses Nelle of stealing the dress. She informs her Nina's charging her for it. Carly calls Nelle trashy and pathetic. Nelle accuses Carly of being scared she'll drive Michael right into her arms.

Epiphany takes the boys home. Scott offers to let the guests know the wedding is off, but Liz says she'll do it.

An earthquake shakes the town.