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Should The Young and the Restless Develop a Hilary, Nick, and Sharon Triangle? (POLL)

Sharon Case, Joshua Morrow, Mishael Morgan

Sharon Case, Joshua Morrow, Mishael Morgan

On this week's Daytime Confidential podcast, the DC gang discussed how Hilary (Mishael Morgan) is being misused by The Young and the Restless in her current storyline. Hilary's orbit mainly consists of personal time with Devon (Bryton James), and work time at GC Buzz and The Hilary Hour.

All of the hosts believe Morgan's talent is being wasted. They agree she could have a much more dynamic romantic relationship with someone other than Devon.

Luke suggested that Hilary should set her sights on Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow). His theory is an unexpected relationship with Nick could result in an epic Hilary, Nick, and Sharon (Sharon Case) triangle. Sharon and Nick seem to be inching their way back to one another, but reunions should never be easy. What better way to upset an anticipated Sharon and Nick reunion than to introduce a wild card like Hilary? We've seen Sharon, Nick, and Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) before, but in the aftermath of the DNA revelation, it would be logical for Nick to make some unexpected relationship choices.

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While a Sharon, Nick and Hilary triangle could be a delicious storyline main course, the dessert would be Nikki Newman's (Melody Thomas Scott) reaction. Nikki and Sharon's relationship is tenuous at best. Imagine Nikki's consternation at a Hilary and Nick pairing, knowing what she does about Hilary and Neil's (Kristoff St. John) past.

Luke may think a Sharon, Nick and, Hilary triangle is the right ticket for Hilary's journey to becoming Genoa City's version of Erica Kane, but Jillian has other ideas. She would like to see Hilary paired with the new Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor). We look forward to discussing the potential of a Hilary/Kyle pairing after his debut.

Would you like to see a Sharon, Nick, and Hilary triangle?