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Perkie's Observations: Port Charles Immobilizes After an Earthquake on General Hospital

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Billy Miller, Emme Rylan, Tamara Braun

Billy Miller, Emme Rylan, Tamara Braun

In the aftermath of the earthquake...

Josslyn and Oscar get locked in the freezer. Meanwhile, Dakota's arm is dislocated and Kim has to snap it back into place. Kim and Drew figure out that Joss and Oscar are stuck in the freezer, but have a hard time getting them out.

Sonny finds Michael, but he's knocked out. When he comes to, Max checks him out. He thinks Michael has a concussion and needs to go to the hospital. Max also mentions to Sonny that his father Mike is nowhere to be found.

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The Quartermaine mansion sustains no damage. According to Ned, they reinforced the house after the last earthquake. Sam's worried about everyone at the Rib and asks Jason to take her back there. Ned feels he needs to do something because he's the mayor.

Franco's buried under some heavy furniture and Jim leaves him there. Mike (!) wanders in, but isn't able to get the bookcase off Franco. He leaves Franco behind to find someone who can help.

Ava suffers a cut to her head and Scott ends up with something stuck in his leg. Kiki and Griffin decide to take Scott to the hospital with Kevin's help. Liz decides to stay put, and waits for Franco to show up.

Curtis feels he needs to find Stella and TJ, despite Jordan's reminders that he's still under arrest. When Curtis loses his footing, Jordan takes him to the hospital to be checked out. She handcuffs Curtis to the bed.

Mike runs into Jason and Sam, though he doesn't recognize her. He admits he has Alzheimer's. Mike has forgotten he was looking for help for Franco.