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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Jason Debate About Franco on General Hospital

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Steve Burton

Steve Burton

Drew and Kim manage to open the freezer and get the kids out. They cover Joss and Oscar with extra clothes to reverse the hypothermia. Joss comes around. Detective Chase shows up and takes her to the hospital, while Kim continues to work on Oscar.

Mike can't remember who he's supposed to help and where they are. Sam takes Mike to find the evacuation center and Jason goes on a search for Mike's mystery person.

Nelle and Carly get locked in the gallery when the alarm system's knocked out. The two argue back and forth until Nelle starts having contractions. Carly gives her water and gets her to calm down. Carly tells her she's having Braxton Hicks contractions.

Michael is taken to the hospital and it turns out he has a concussion. Michael's worried about Nelle. Joss is brought in and tells them Nelle was at the gallery. Sonny leaves the hospital to find her.

Sam and Mike run into Liz at the church. Sam heads back out and Mike explains to Liz that he's not remembering things. Mike worries about how Sonny will deal with his condition. Liz tries to reassure him.

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Detective Chase arrives, but Mike doesn't want to leave with him. Chase says he's there to help take Mike to the hospital.

Jason finds Franco under the bookcase. Franco basically begs Jason to help him, but Jason rehashes what Franco did to everyone. Jason has no intentions of helping, even as Franco says Jason's a man of honor.

Franco blames the tumor, but Jason says now's the time that Franco will pay. Sam arrives and tells Jason that he doesn't need to avenge her or Michael. She says she doesn't want them to go backwards and relive the hate. Sam also doesn't want to have to keep the secret of how Franco died.

The two lift the shelf off of Franco. He stumbles out and heads to the church to reunite with Liz. Sam tells Jason they need to move on from what Franco did. She feels it would hurt Jake if something happened to Franco. She adds that in time Jake will know the truth and deal with it in his own way. Jason promises to move on for Sam's sake.

Sonny gets Carly and Nelle out of the gallery and to the hospital. Both Nelle and Michael are admitted overnight for observation. Joss is cleared to leave, but begs Carly to let her stay until Oscar is brought in.

Dante heads to the Rib to help Kim and Drew with Oscar.

Aftershocks from the earthquake strike.