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Perkie's Observations: JaSam Declare Their Love Amongst the Ruins on General Hospital

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Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

Steve Burton, Kelly Monaco

Aftershocks hit the city....

Drew is knocked out and pinned by the freezer door. Kim and Dante leave him so they can take Oscar to the hospital. Kim sits and talks with Oscar until he comes to. She lets Joss sit with him while she goes to pull herself together.  

Molly is hit by falling debris. Julian and TJ bring her to the hospital. 

 The excavation site opens up, leaving Jim's trailer to teeter over the edge with Jason and Sam inside. After a few dicey moments, the two manage to get out before the whole thing collapses and explodes.  

Liz and Franco head to the hospital, where Liz gets to work helping out. Later, the two share a private moment.  

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Ned sets up camp at the police station making calls and looking for federal assistance. Alexis comes in looking for information about her girls. Finn calls her to let her know  Molly was brought into the hospital, so Alexis heads out.  

Ned doesn't understand how an earthquake could occur in Port Charles. Jim offers his equipment for whatever they need. Jordan's quick to blame Jim for excavating on a fault line. Ned tells them they need to pull together and assess blame later. 

Dante recruits Franco to help him get the door off Drew. After he is rescued, Drew is brought to the hospital with bruising.  

Julian finds an upset Kim in the locker rooms. She says Oscar will be fine, but is worried about Drew. TJ tells Alexis that Julian helped save Molly's life. Alexis finds Julian and thanks him. When Julian sees Molly, she thanks him as well. Amy tells Kim and Oscar that Drew was brought in and will be fine.  

Ned and Jordan hold a press conference to declare a state of emergency. He announces mandatory evacuations in the Charles Street district and mentions that evacuation centers are up and running. 

Sam admits to Jason that she knew it was him all along, but that she couldn't hurt Drew. Sam says she loves Jason and has never stopped.  

Jason says he never wanted to pressure her since this whole thing was done to all three of them. Sam complains she made a mess of everything. Jason says there is no clean way out. He says he loves her and that's enough.