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Perkie's Observations: Anna Learns She Had a Boy on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

It's the day after the earthquake and Sam finally makes her way to Drew in the hospital. She explains she was on her way to him, but got sidetracked at the construction site. She tells Drew that Jason saved Franco, and then they saved themselves.

Drew tells her he was stuck under a freezer door until he was rescued by Dante and Franco. He's upset about the time he's lost with Oscar. Monica stops by and is thankful that he's okay.

Nelle tells Monica how Carly helped calm her down during the earthquake. Monica mentions that Michael has been released and will likely come up to see her shortly.

Michael runs into Jason and asks his opinion of Nelle. Michael admits Nelle hasn't had an easy life. Jason agrees that everyone deserves a second chance. Jason says Carly doesn't trust Nelle and she has good instincts. However, Jason tells Michael to trust his own instincts when it comes to Nelle.

Anna and Andre are in Belgium to meet with the midwife who delivered Anna's baby. The midwife's daughter arrives and tells them her mother passed the previous year. Anna explains she needs the midwife to tell her where her child is because she may have inherited a genetic disease.

The woman says her mother didn't keep records. Anna mentions she didn't use her real name. She tells the woman she used the pseudonym Tess Durbeyfield, which the woman recognizes. Anna mentions the baby was born on June 13th. The woman remembers the parents had problems with the baby, and gave her away.

Andre is certain Anna's daughter survived, but the woman tells Anna she had a boy. The woman leaves to get more information. Anna doesn't understand why Valentin would tell her that she had a girl if she didn't. Andre thinks Valentin doesn't want Anna to find her son.

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Maxie runs into Peter in the hallway. She tells him she's staying at the Metro Court because she can't be in her apartment without Nathan. Maxie talks about the inherited disease. She admits she's not sure she wants to know if the baby has it.

Peter says she should have the amniocentesis test so she can have all the knowledge she will need. Maxie mentions her due date is June 17th, which makes the baby a Gemini. Peter mentions he's one as well because his birthdate is June 13th.

Maxie decides Nathan would have wanted her to get the test and decides to do it. Peter offers to go with her for support.

Carly and Sonny discuss what to do about Mike. Carly wants him to stay and offers to hire professionals to take care of him. Sonny wants to send him back to Brooklyn and set him up there. Carly thinks Sonny needs to spend time with his father while he can, but Sonny's scared.

Mike tells them he tried to call Rita, but she was gone. Carly says Rita came to find him. She explains she told Rita about his condition and she wasn't prepared to deal with it. Mike wonders what he's supposed to do now. Sonny tells him he can stay in Port Charles.

Nelle gets a phone call that her apartment building was destroyed in the earthquake and relays the information to Monica. Later, Nelle tells Michael that Monica invited her to stay at the Quartermaine's.

The midwife's daughter returns with a record from her mother. Anna reads the letter, which says she gave birth to a son.

Drew is released from the hospital. He and Sam run into Jason, who returns Danny's dog tags. Sam tells Drew she needs to discuss something with him.