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Stefan Puts the Screws to Gabi on Days of Our Lives

Tyler Christopher, Marci Miller

Tyler Christopher, Marci Miller

Stefan is texting his mother when Gabigail walks in. She tells him she hasn't heard any news about the case. When she asks about getting off the hook, Stefan claims it's been taken care of.

Gabi and Arianna are in the square. Ari is cold, so Gabi looks for something to keep her warm. She reaches into her duffel bag and finds the multi-colored coat and lid to the urn.

Victor calls Brady and asks about his progress with Eve. Brady tells him he had her drunk and ready to go to Vegas, but Tate got sick. Victor warns Brady he wants to hear wedding bells.

Lani is in the hospital when she listens to a voicemail from Eli. He tells her he told Gabi the truth. He can't say Gabi won't tell JJ, but wants her to be prepared. Eli lets Lani know he kept quiet about the baby's paternity. JJ walks in and wonders what's wrong.

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At the police station Melinda chides Eli for interviewing Kate about Andre's murder. She thinks he needs to focus on the real killer.

Stefan tells Gabigail how he set the other person up for murder. Gabigail asks who he dumped the evidence on. He tells her, "Gabi Hernandez."

Meanwhile, Gabi is freaking out about the contents of her duffle bag.

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