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Perkie's Observations: Jason Passes Judgement on Franco on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

Mike doesn't want to move in with Sonny because he'd rather go back to Brooklyn where he belongs. Sonny disagrees. Mike claims Sonny doesn't think he can be on his own. Carly tries to convince Mike to stay and be with the family.

Mike and Sonny continue to argue. Carly tries to let him know he's welcome to stay with them. Mike gets confused again, then decides to stay.

Liz tells Franco that Scott mentioned a secret he was keeping from her. She says she knows something is eating him up, but Franco doesn't want to tell her. Liz says they need to trust each other. Franco worries his past will be too much for her, despite Liz's claims that it won't.

Nina has an appointment with Kim to see if there have been any advancements in reproductive medicine that would allow her to get pregnant. Kim says there is no way for Nina to have her own child.

Peter takes Maxie to the hospital for her amnio. They run into Jason who mentions he was hoping to draw out Henrik to ask why he kept him in the Russian clinic. Maxie wonders if Henrik helped Faison and is as demented as his father.

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Nina runs into Maxie at the hospital and questions why she's suddenly having an amnio. Maxie explains about the condition and the possibilites that the baby might have it. Nina offers to be there for her and tells Peter to bugger off.

Jim runs into Sam and Drew, and tells them Franco pushed Drew down the stairs years ago. He says he saw it happen and it's why Betsy sent Drew away. Jim says Franco hasn't changed.

Franco stops by Scott's room to accuse him of sabotaging his future with Liz. He claims his father stabbed him in the back. Scott says he was in pain and didn't know what he was saying. Franco explains he confronted Jim, who left him in the trailer. Franco doesn't want Scott to say anything to Liz.

Drew finds Franco to confront him about what Jim told him.

Liz thanks Jason for not killing Franco. Jason says he would have left Franco there to die if it weren't for Sam. Liz wonders if Jason can consider Franco's redemption. Jason reminds her of the things Franco did to both Michael and Sam, and says he won't consider redemption.

Jason figures Franco will eventually get what he deserves. This upsets Liz, so she storms off. She comes back long enough to overhear Sam tell Jason she hasn't told Drew she loves him. (Because that's what this show needed, for Liz to have another secret to keep.)