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Performers of the Week: Eileen Davidson, Heather Tom, and Kassie DePaiva

Eileen Davidson, Heather Tom,Kassie DePaiva

Eileen Davidson, Heather Tom, Kassie DePaiva

Eileen Davidson, The Young and the Restless

Ashley (Eileen Davidson), who is rebounding from a painful betrayal by her brother, is taking no prisoners in her quest to take Newman to the top. Victoria (Amelia Heinle) be damned! Ashley has no time for an insecure brat under foot. She took control of Victoria's employee meeting and called Victoria out for what she was...a poor excuse for a boss. At home, she easily shifted emotional gears between concern for her mother, while robustly defending Abby and herself against Jack's (Peter Bergman) weak shenanigans. There may be a little Kristin mixed in with Ashley lately, but I'm certainly not complaining! - Mike Jubinville

Heather Tom, The Bold and the Beautiful

Heather Tom has once again illustrated, regardless of the storyline, she can get the job done and then some. Even though Katie is angry that Bill (Don Diamont) will obtain sole custody of their son Will (Zane Achor), Tom showed how horrified and scared Katie really is. Many actors tend to over-emote when finding a dead body, whether it is on soaps, prime time or film. However, Tom delivered the right amount of energy and highlighted how terrified Katie was at finding Bill gunned down in the house. "Who Shot Bill?" may be a rushed storyline, taking place literally overnight, but Tom still sold viewers on Katie's grief and sorrow at Bill's shooting. Katie cared about his well-being despite his threat to ruin her life by going after Will, just to end her romance with Wyatt (Darin Brooks). - Jillian Bowe

Kassie DePaiva, Days of Our Lives

Kassie DePaiva was a powerhouse as Blair Cramer on One Life to Live and General Hospital. She has been and will always be a consummate professional. That did not change when she took over the role of Eve Donovan on Days of Our Lives. DePaiva's current storyline opposite of Eric Martsolf's Brady Black has been a rollercoaster of emotions for this viewer. This week I found myself repeating, "don't fall for his trap, don't fall for his trap" over and over as Brady plotted to marry her for her shares. DePaiva did such a convincing job at making me believe Eve had bought Brady's story hook, line, and sinker that I was truly shocked by Eve rejecting Brady at the altar in the last minutes of Friday's episode. Whether or not Eve and Brady tie the knot next week is TBD, but there is no question DePaiva nailed it. - Luke Kerr

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