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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Liz Butt Heads on General Hospital

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Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst

Kelly Monaco, Rebecca Herbst

Liz overhears Sam telling Jason she needs to tell Drew she loves both men. Jason tells her to do what she feels is right.

Anna questions Valentin about his lie. He continues to claim he saw the baby wrapped in a pink blanket and assumed it was a girl.

Peter consults with Griffin about genetic testing. Griffin asks about Peter's mother's history, but he says his mother abandoned him at birth.

Ava's happy to be able to spend more time with Avery, but Kiki's upset that Ava's pushing Sonny.

Sonny doesn't want Mike to disrupt their lives. Carly understands the difficulties ahead, but Sonny refuses to discuss it.

Drew confronts Franco about Jim's claims. Franco claims Jim's lying. He's been trying to piece together what happened that night. He says he doesn't remember pushing Drew, but that whatever happened wasn't what Jim told him. Drew says he believes Franco.

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The two figure out that Jim helped Betsy disappear so she couldn't answer their questions. Drew agrees to work with Franco to find out what really happened.

Sam runs into Liz. Liz thanks Sam for saving Franco's life. Sam says she should have left him there like Jason originally wanted. Sam tells Liz that according to Jim, Franco tried to kill Drew. Liz doesn't believe it. Sam claims Franco isn't being honest, which Liz calls her out on. Liz blames the tumor, but Sam isn't buying it.

Sonny shows up at Ava's. He isn't happy to hear she put Avery to bed. Ava asks for an extra night, but Sonny refuses.

Kiki runs into Dr. Bensch, who offers to help her study. Later, David asks Kiki to join him for a meal, but she turns him down.

Carly shares her worries about Mike with Jason. He reassures her that she'll be able to help Sonny through it. The two discuss the earthquake. Carly mentions her run-in with Nelle. Jason counters he let Franco live. He explains how Sam convinced him to save Franco. Jason admits he and Sam declared their love for each other. Carly's happy that she was right.

Griffin runs into Anna. He's upset to hear she's still looking into Faison's son's whereabouts. Anna tells Griffin about Faison's diagnosis and how it could affect his son.

Liz confronts Franco about the secret.