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Andre Tries to Jar Abigail's Memory on Days of Our Lives

Thaao Penghlis, Marci Miller

Thaao Penghlis, Marci Miller

Abigail comes into Stefan's office to talk about a press release. The problem is, Stefan isn't there. When the chair whirls around, she sees Andre. 

Stefan is busy reading up about the gatekeeper's job function. He recalls Dr. Laura's explanation. Just then, Vivian comes in. She chides Stefan for spending time on Abigail's condition. He counters he's just trying to learn as much as possible. He explains how and why Abigail's situation has become more complicated.

Abigail asks Andre if he's dead. Luckily, he replies he is, but he has lots of unfinished business. He asks to see the press release and wants her to get his coffee. Abigail walks over to the urn, but Andre stops her. He tells her it's not a thermos and points her in the right direction.

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Andre wants her to understand the press release has to be spun the right way because Gabi got caught trying to destroy evidence. Abigail thinks Gabi is being set up by Stefan to deflect blame from himself. She wonders if that's the message Andre has been trying to send her.

Andre changes the subject to Abigail's dress. She says she doesn't remember it and wonders why. Andre comments that she may not want to remember, which confuses her. Andre grabs a stuffed elephant named Lulu. He wants her to talk to Lulu because elephants never forget. She reaches out for Lulu, who has a bloodstain on her head. Abigail wakes up with a start.

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