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Perkie's Observations: Franco Finds Himself Adrift on General Hospital

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Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

Liz demands answers from Franco about whether or not he tried to kill Drew as a child. Franco explains what Betsy told him. According to Kevin, the tumor wasn't responsible. He accuses Jim of lying.

Curtis is released from the hospital and Jordan reminds him he's still in custody. She says Jim hasn't dropped the charges against him. Curtis is even more determined to get Jim.

Finn calls Alexis from the pub to ask for her services as a lawyer. When Alexis gets there, Finn tells her Julian refused to serve him because he was with Roxie. Julian says the lizard isn't a service animal, which Finn tries to refute. Alexis checks it out. She says Julian's correct and within his rights to deny Finn service. Julian grabs Roxie's cage and Finn punches him in the face.

Julian calls Detective Chase to handle things. It turns out Chase and Finn are long lost brothers. However, it doesn't stop Chase from arresting Finn for assault.

Joss pays Oscar a visit in the hospital. The two go over what happened during the earthquake and how he almost died. Oscar declares his love for her.

Nelle moves into the Quartermaine mansion. Olivia's thrilled when Nelle helps out with Leo. Carly arrives (why is she just walking into Monica's house like she owns it?) and is not happy to hear where Nelle is now living. Nelle lays it on thick how Monica is thrilled to have her and how her baby will grow up with the love of its family.

When Nelle leaves the room, Carly warns Olivia about her. Olivia says she's aware of Nelle's craziness, but Monica adores Michael and will want this baby raised as a Quartermaine. Nelle eavesdrops as Carly reminds Olivia once again, not to turn her back on Nelle.

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At the station, Chase wants to put Curtis back into custody. Jordan says he's working with the PCPD to find out what caused the earthquake. Jordan believes Jim was drilling illegally.

Jim shows up at the station. He's dropping the charges against Curtis and sticking around to help rebuild the city.

Curtis gets a call from the geologist who informs him Jim has been drilling for natural gas.

Joss pleads Nelle's case to Michael. He tells her he won't be with Nelle because he's given her many chances. He warns Joss to watch herself around Nelle.

Michael runs into a cute new nurse and the two flirt with each other. They eventually exchange numbers. (If anyone is paying attention, she's the same actress who played teenage Avery in the Ava-centric episode. Coincidence or not?)

Franco tries to make Liz understand how bad Jim is. He explains he was stuck under the cabinet, but she believes Sam's version of the story. Liz says she believed Franco was trying to be a good person after the tumor, but she no longer feels that way.

Liz accuses Franco of being a lying liar who lies and tells half-truths. She doesn't understand why he couldn't be honest with her. Franco admits he was worried she would cut him out of her life. Franco says she makes him better, but Liz is quick to say that isn't her job. Liz calls things off with Franco. (I celebrate for the five minutes that is the end of Friz.)

Nelle's angry with Carly's interference. She decides to continue with her gaslighting plan. She buys a scarf that looks like one that Morgan had. (This has to be the longest and most boring con in the history of ever.)