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Perkie's Observations: Drew Finds an Unlikely Ally on General Hospital

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Billy Miller

Billy Miller

Valentin stops by to see Nina. Peter comes in for reasons related to work and Nina tears a strip off of him. After Peter leaves, Valentin questions why Nina is upset with him. Nina explains he was at the hospital with Maxie where he didn't belong.

Nina tells Valentin she was at the hospital to ask Kim about getting pregnant. She gets upset, admitting she can't.

Drew and Franco make a plan to trick Jim. Franco heads into Jim's office and plants a bug under his desk. Franco claims he found Betsy and is going to ask her about what happened that night. Jim says Betsy will back up his version of the events.

Jason tells Sam he's going to Europe with Anna to find the bank where Faison kept the information about the twins. He's also looking for clues on Henrik's whereabouts, which Peter overhears.

Sam says she needs to figure out her feelings for Jason and how she needs to be honest with Drew. Jason tells her to take as much time as she needs.

Chase arrests Finn and takes him to the station. Finn explains to Alexis that after his mother passed, his father remarried and had Chase. He says they don't know each other well. Alexis pleads Finn's case to Chase, but he claims he can't do Finn any favors.

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Jordan calls Ned to the station to discuss Jim. Ned says he's concerned about Jim throwing his money around. Jordan tells him that Jim has been tapping into the natural gas located under Charles Street.

Ned can't believe Jim snowed him. Jordan says he'll need to use his power to get to Jim, but Curtis doesn't think it will be easy.

Kim witnesses Finn being arrested. She tells Julian that he's not over Alexis. Julian counters he saw her reaction to Drew's injuries at the hospital. Kim says she was worried about Drew for Oscar's sake.

After looking Alexis up on Internet, Chase heads over to the pub to convince Julian to drop the charges against Finn. Julian agrees, so Chase heads back to the station to release Finn.

Peter complains to Valentin that Jason is looking for him. Valentin isn't worried, but warns Peter to stay away from Maxie. Peter says Maxie has come to rely on him, but Valentin says Maxie won't be happy when she finds out who Peter really is.

Drew listens as Jim berates Franco, telling him that no one will believe anything he says because he's a liar. Jim yells continuously until Franco breaks, and starts crying for Jim to go away.

When Drew comes in to save Franco, Jim calls in a couple of henchmen.