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Perkie’s Observations: Ned Confronts Jim on General Hospital

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Wally Kurth

Wally Kurth

Jim's minions taze Drew and Franco and toss them in an abandoned part of the construction site.

Maxie asks Peter to keep her company while she waits for the results of the amnio. Lulu shows up and begs for Maxie's forgiveness again. Lulu tells her she was going to quit her job, but Peter talked her out of it. Maxie believes Lulu had no intention of quitting and never takes accountability.  

Jordan needs Curtis' help in proving Jim is guilty. Ned's still angry that Jim's drilling caused the earthquake. He thinks using Jim's greed against him is the best way.  

Kim asks Liz about rebooking her wedding. Liz explains that things are on hold because Franco can't be honest with her. Kim says people keep secrets all the time. Liz says it's about his past with Drew and asks Kim if Drew ever spoke about his childhood.  

Sam tells Alexis she hasn't heard from Drew since the previous day when he was going to confront Franco. Sam explains to her about Franco pushing Drew down the stairs. When talk turns to Jason and Drew, Sam tells her mother she's in love with both men.  

Alexis reminds her she's the mother of two young children, but Sam says she can't shut off her feelings. She says she needs to tell Drew, though Alexis wants her to take some time to think it through.  

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Epiphany tells Liz that Franco blew off all of his patients and didn't bother calling in. This worries Liz, who calls around to try and find him.  

Maxie mentions to Lulu the baby has a 50% chance of inheriting Huntington disease. Lulu offers to wait for the results with Maxie. Maxie says Lulu is the reason Nathan isn't around to get the results with her.  

Dante accuses Peter of pressuring Lulu to write the article so he'd get his headline, but Peter defends himself.  

Maxie tells Lulu to stay away from her. Alexis walks up. Maxie says she wants a restraining order on Lulu. Dante talks Maxie down. Maxie gets the call from Kim that the results are in.  

Ned stops by to see Jim and commiserate over everything that was lost to the earthquake. Ned offers to buy back all the properties from Niagara, but Jim turns him down. Jim admits he knew the natural gas was there and will make millions from it.  

Ned warns he'll blow the whistle, but Jim says no one will believe Ned wasn't in on it with him. Jim promises that no one will get in his way.  

Drew wonders why Franco didn't stick with the plan to plant the bug, then leave Jim's office. He wants to know why Franco lost it. Franco refuses to talk about it. He says what happened that night didn't happen the way Jim said. He accuses Jim of covering up the truth.  

Sam seeks out Liz to ask where Franco is and tells her Drew is missing.