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Perkie's Observations: Sam Finds Drew's Wedding Ring on General Hospital

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Rebecca Herbst, Kelly Monaco, Greg Evigan

Rebecca Herbst, Kelly Monaco, Greg Evigan

Jason gives Anna the manuscript from Henrik. Anna believes there is a coded message inside. Jason wonders what the real reason is with Anna's obsession to find Henrik.

Anna says she needs to debrief Henrik as Faison's co-conspirator. Jason doesn't believe her. Anna mentions the brain disease Henrik needs to know about. When Jason pushes the issue, Anna asks him to trust her like he trusts Robin.

Griffin gives Brad the forms for the DNA test. Brad says he can't do the test without a 3rd party authorization. Griffin manages to convince Brad to do the test for the greater good.

Maxie thanks Peter for being there when she got the amnio results. Peter asks if she's still living at the hotel or if she's going back to the apartment. Maxie says going back to the apartment means accepting that Nathan is gone and she's not ready.

Maxie tells him she stopped by the apartment earlier and picked up the mail. It included a letter stating that Nathan started a trust fund for the baby. She and Peter share a hug.

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Sam and Liz head to the mansion to ask Ned for information on Jim. Ned warns them against Jim, but tells them where he's staying.

Jim tells his minion to keep Drew and Franco locked up. He orders him to kill them if they act up.

Franco continues to try and will the door to their cage open. Drew notices he's lost his wedding ring. Franco finally admits what Jim said that set him off. He tells Drew that Jim said no one would believe him since he's a liar.

Franco says he vaguely remembers that day. He remembers Drew at the top of the stairs, then he was at the bottom. He claims he doesn't remember pushing Drew. Drew tells him they were kids and it doesn't matter now. He promises they'll get the answers together.

Ned tells Olivia about Jim digging for natural gas. He explains that no one will believe he wasn't involved with Jim from the beginning. Ned thinks he needs to resign, but Olivia disagrees. Ned agrees to wait until Jordan's investigation into Jim is over.

Liz and Sam show up at Jim's hotel asking if he's seen Drew and Jason. Jim lies and swears he hasn't seen either man. Jim claims Franco is as bad as he said he was, which Liz denies. Sam finds Drew's ring.

Sam tells Liz about the ring, which means Jim is lying. Jim orders his minion to get rid of Drew and Franco.