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J.T. Snaps and Threatens Victoria's Safety on The Young and the Restless

Amelia Heinle

Amelia Heinle

J.T accuses Victoria of having no self-awareness. He claims her upbringing in the Newman bubble allowed her to experience life differently than others. He decides to tell her how it really is.

He starts rattling off her personal and business failures. Victoria tries to walk away, but J.T. jumps in front of her, demanding she listen to the truth. He tells her that despite being saved by Victor, she still managed to screw up Ashley's downfall. She tries to get away from him again.

He keeps hammering at her. He brings up Reed and blames her for his DUI. He summarizes her list of failures bullet point by bullet point. Victoria tells him to stop talking, but he insists on finishing what he started. He grabs her arms. She tells him to let go of her while she struggles with him. 

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J.T. pushes her back against the wall, while Victoria yells for him to stop. He puts his hands around her throat. He pulls his fist back and launches it toward her face.

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