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Kate Is Headed For a Big Surprise on Days of Our Lives

Lauren Koslow

Lauren Koslow

Eli brings Gabi into the interrogation room. He tells her he has a surprise for her that he wants to keep between them. 

Chad is trying to arrange a private flight to leave ASAP. Sonny wonders if he and Abigail are finally taking their delayed honeymoon.

Jennifer tries to reach Abigail, but no dice. Eric tries to reassure Jennifer, who has researched every possible malady Abigail could have. She confesses she knows something isn't right with Abigail.

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Gabigail comes out of the wardrobe with an arm load of clothes. She starts putting them in a suitcase. Kate comes in the front door. She puts her gear down and looks at her phone. She starts toward the living room and an unsuspecting Gabigail.

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