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Perkie's Observations: Mike and Sonny Bicker About His Care on General Hospital

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Matt Cohen, Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Matt Cohen, Max Gail, Maurice Benard

Sam tells Liz to bring the ring to Jordan while she continues to snoop around. Liz heads to the station, but Jordan isn't interested until Liz mentions Jim Harvey. Liz says she believes Harvey has done something to the two men. Jordan takes the ring as evidence and tells her officer to put out an APB on Drew and Franco.

Sam eavesdrops at Jim's balcony door. She overhears him tell his minion to finish the job and get rid of Drew and Franco.

Mike and Sonny head to the hospital for another round of tests. Dante shows up. Apparently, Mike asked him to join them so he won't have to deal with Sonny and his antagonism. (I'm there with you Mike.)

Griffin notices Kiki's Gray's Anatomy textbook. She says it was a gift. Although it impresses Griffin, Kiki seems uncomfortable with it. David stops by. Kiki tells him she can't accept the gift and wants to return it to him. David refuses the return and asks Kiki to his office for a chat.

Kiki reluctantly goes. David tells her he's recommending her for the shadow program, which would allow her to watch all the senior positions in all departments. David says it gives her an advantage over her classmates, which Kiki initially appreciates.

David notices she seems tense. He gives Kiki a back rub, but she puts an end to it. David's confused, but Kiki claims she doesn't like being touched. David explains he wants her to succeed in the program. Kiki says she appreciates what he's done for her.

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Curtis lets Jordan know he's in Buffalo. He's breaking into Jim's home office to find evidence against him. Jordan warns him not to get caught. Curtis finds a file on the computer and downloads it.

Sonny complains to Dante about Mike. He explains they don't trust, but resent each other. Dante tells him not to take it personally. (I remind Dante he's talking to Sonny). Sonny admits that sometimes he doesn't really listen to Mike.

Griffin tells Mike and Sonny that Mike's symptoms have gotten worse since his last round of tests. He mentions prescribing a drug inhibitor, which Sonny jumps on. Mike gets angry, saying there is no cure. He doesn't want to go bankrupt trying a drug that won't work.

Sonny gets angry with Mike again and the two argue some more. Later, Sonny tells Griffin he wasn't prepared. He wonders how long Mike has. Griffin says it can't be predicted, but that Mike is in the moderate stage of the disease. Griffin tells Sonny to make the most of the moments he has.

Jordan heads to Buffalo to find Curtis. She wants to warn him Jim is dangerous, and may have killed Franco and Drew. As the two are leaving, they hear someone come in.

While Jim isn't paying attention, Sam breaks into his room and searches for evidence of where the men might be. She texts Liz who returns to the motel in time to stop Jim from finding Sam. Sam escapes while Liz keeps Jim distracted.

Jim's minions start dumping cement into the cage where Drew and Franco held. Franco freaks out. Drew says if they are dumping from the top, that will allow them to escape.