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Perkie's Observations: Anna Gets a Lead In Her Search For Henrik on General Hospital

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Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

Drew and Franco are released from the hospital with a clean bill of health. Liz tells Franco about Jim kidnapping Betsy and informs him Jim's a fugitive. Sam wonders what Jim was trying to keep secret.

Drew says Jim is a lying liar. He explains how Franco planted the bug, and came in when he heard Franco and Jim's conversation. Sam doesn't understand how Jim's men could have gotten the drop on Drew.

Kim and Carly discuss what happened to the kids the night of the earthquake. The talk eventually turns to Morgan. Carly mentions her grief and how it tore their family apart. When the subject of Drew comes up, Carly tells Kim to chase after him since Jason and Sam are the endgame. Kim says she's getting friendly with someone. Carly reacts negatively when she hears that someone is Julian. Carly tries to warn Kim, but Kim shuts her down quite nicely.

Nelle questions Michael about his date, but he refuses to discuss it with her. Michael says he wants to live separate lives and is moving from the mansion to the Metro Court. Nelle complains to Michael she'll run into Carly more often when she wants to see him.

Nelle feels Carly is poisoning her relationship with Michael. Michael says he broke up with Nelle on his own, not because of Carly. He tells Nelle she needs to move on. This news does not sit well with Nelle.

Anna tells Andre she's read the manuscript and knows the author grew up in Switzerland. She thinks she should start her search for Henrik there. Andre asks why she hasn't talked to Finn about this.

Anna says Finn is with Alexis now and she doesn't want to put him in danger. Andre accuses her of being scared of her feelings and she deserves happiness. Anna says she didn't think she could love anyone after Duke.

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Alexis and Finn run into Julian, who picks a verbal fight with Finn. Finn accuses Julian of jealousy about his relationship with Alexis. After Finn leaves, Julian admits he's jealous, and questions how serious Alexis and Finn are. Alexis says Finn has been kind to her and that they are serious.

Franco thanks Drew for not telling the girls about his breakdown in Jim's office. Drew tells him to talk to Liz about it.

Liz confronts Franco and tells him he needs to come clean. Franco explains how Jim pushed him and he had a flash of memory. Liz wonders what the memory was. Franco says he knows there is more, but doesn't want to face it.

Sam questions Drew, who explains that something happened to Franco as a child. Drew tells her Franco doesn't remember it, but Jim does and is willing to kill them to cover it up. Drew mentions he lost his ring, but Sam shows him that she has it.

Michael tells Carly he's temporarily moving into the hotel to start his life without Nelle.

Nelle lets herself into Carly's office and places Morgan's scarf.

Liz tells Franco that his mother is on her way to PC.

Sam tells Drew that they need to talk.