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Perkie's Observations: Betsy Is Ready to Come Clean on General Hospital

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Donnell Turner, Deborah Strang

Donnell Turner, Deborah Strang

Sam and Liz get to the construction site and notice the cement has been poured for the foundation. They call 911 and when the firemen show up, they're told that no one can get to the guys at this point.

Chase shows up at Jim's room and asks him to come down to the station to answer questions. Once there, Jim claims Sam and Liz are having problems with their men, and it has nothing to do with him.

Chase asks about Jim's relationship with the men. Jim mentions he knew them as boys. He lays it on thick that Franco hated Drew and tried to kill him as a child. Jim claims he has nothing to do with what's happened to the men now, and leaves.

Curtis finds Betsy hiding in Jim's home. Curtis says Franco hasn't heard from her in months and has been worried. He wants to know why Jim would keep Betsy locked up. Betsy rambles on that she was trying to protect Drew and Jim was trying to stop her from telling the truth. Betsy now says she needs to tell the boys the truth.

Ava thinks Nelle should call off her plan to get to Carly. Nelle claims she's going to make Michael need her again. Ava says she can't force Michael to love her and doesn't want to be implicated in Nelle's nonsense.

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Michael and Francesca have a cute date at Kelly's. She says she's looking for something uncomplicated with no drama. Drama shows up in the name of Nelle, who wastes no time in announcing she and Michael are a couple with a baby on the way.

Later, Michael explains about his relationship with Nelle to Francesca and swears they aren't together. He wonders if they can go on a second date, but it's too much for Francesca.

Ava tells Griffin she wants more from him because she told him she loves him. Ava complains he's spending all of his time at the hospital. Griffin admits he's been sleeping there since his place was damaged in the earthquake. Ava asks him to move in with her, and Griffin accepts.

Jordan calls Chase to have him arrest Jim for unlawful imprisonment.

Sam and Liz head to the PCPD. They implore Chase to do something to get the guys out of the pit. Drew and Franco drag themselves out of the water. They manage to get to the PCPD to reunite with Sam and Liz.

Drew and Franco explain they were able to find a tunnel, which led to the sewer, which led to the water off of the pier. Chase wants their statement, but everyone decides it's best if the guys get checked out at the hospital first.