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Perkie's Observations: Nelle Makes Another Move Against Carly on General Hospital

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Laura Wright

Laura Wright

Sam tearfully tells Drew she has feelings for Jason. Sam says she loves both Drew and Jason. Drew is blindsided, but Sam claims she needs to be honest with her feelings. Sam swears her feelings for Drew are real.

Sam admits she and Jason kissed on New Years. Drew says he thought what they had was enough, but Jason is between them and he needs to leave. Drew removes his ring and despite Sam's pleas, leaves.

Alexis tells Julian that Finn makes her happy and he needs to accept it. Kim eavesdrops as Alexis lays it on thick and tells Julian he needs to move on.

Nelle leaves the scarf on Carly's desk. When Carly gets back to the office and finds it, she compares it to the one in Morgan's photo.

Anna runs into Finn. The two have a conversation that goes around in circles and is hard to understand. Eventually, she tells Finn there's something holding her back from him. Alexis interrupts them, so Anna takes off.

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Alexis tells Finn what she told Julian. Finn tells her to let the lie stand.

Sonny and Mike are back at the hospital for more tests and Mike gets impatient with the wait. Michael shows up, which cheers up Mike.

Spinelli's in town (to annoy me) but also help Jason plan to break into Faison's bank accounts. Spin says he can pass himself off as Henrik to gain access.

Julian talks to Kim and realizes he needs to let Alexis go. The two share a kiss.

Andre runs into Sonny, who questions why he is out of prison. (I tell Sonny to stop being a big fat hypocrite.) Andre wants to make amends, so Sonny has a proposition for him.

Nelle pulls the fire alarm so Carly is forced to evacuate her office. She runs into Jason and Spinelli, and tells them about the scarf. When they get back to the office, the scarf is gone.