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Performers of the Week: Amelia Heinle and Thad Luckinbill

Amelia Heinle, Thad Luckinbill

Amelia Heinle, The Young and the Restless

The main focus of this week’s YR was the scene heard round soap Twitter - J.T.’s (Thad Luckinbill) physical attack of Victoria (Amelia Heinle). The scenes around the domestic violence were chilling, well-written and well-acted. For me, the more impressive work was Heinle’s subtle portrayal of an emotionally battered Victoria. The subtle smile she gave when J.T. offered her support, Victoria’s deferential head bowing when he reprimanded her in front of her parents, and the happiness she expressed to Nikki when explaining to Nikki that J.T.’s criticism of her diet was simply him caring about her. These seemingly subtle acting choices helped tell the story of an emotionally battered woman, and set the scene for the physical violence that ensued. Much deserved applause to Amelia Heinle for putting in the hard work of subtle acting choices.  - Josh Baldwin

Amelia Heinle and Thad Luckinbill, The Young and the Restless

Setting aside the controversy about whether-or-not J.T.'s abusive behavior toward Victoria is in character for J.T., there is no question that Amelia Heinle and Thad Luckinbill delivered the performance of the week. Both actors carried viewers on a roller-coaster ride of raw  emotion. From J.T.'s intense fury and quite regret to Victoria's blatant terror and then self questioning, both performances will filled with nuance. Heinlee and Luckinbill brought the best out in each other and I couldn't credit one without crediting the other. Kudos to both - Luke Kerr 

Amelia Heinle, The Young and the Restless

The changing landscape that is Victoria Newman has long been a thorn of frustration in Y&R viewers' sides. Despite that, nothing came as more of a shock than J.T.'s explosive attack. Amelia left no doubt about her acting skills this week. As they fought in their own living room, you could see uncertainty building in her eyes. Amelia put Victoria in a protective shell, bowing her head and avoiding eye contact while trying to get away. She played abject fear as J.T. unleashed his fury. Amelia's strength was when she was alone in the bathroom, slowly sliding down the bathroom door, drained and exhausted. Later, Amelia let the emotional wave come to Victoria as she looked at her bruised neck in the mirror, desperately trying to cover it with makeup. There was a huge range of emotional beats to play in a short and fast-paced scene, and Amelia Heinle captured them. I have to give an honorable mention to Thad Luckinbill. In order for these scenes to have an impact, he and Amelia had to work in sync like a machine, and they clearly did. - Mike Jubinville

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