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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Goes to Andre for Help on General Hospital

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Anthony Montgomery, Maurice Benard

Anthony Montgomery, Maurice Benard

Sam tells Alexis that Drew left her and explains what happened the night before. Alexis is certain this isn't the end, but Sam is certain Drew isn't coming back. Sam says she needs time alone to figure things out.

Alexis talks about Jason and how he'll show up once he hears what happened. Sam says once again she needs to learn how to rely on herself. She feels it's possible she shouldn't be with either man.

Carly is certain the scarf on her desk is the same one from Morgan's photo. Jason wants to check security footage, but there is only one camera on the floor and it's not near Carly's door. Carly wonders why this is happening now. Jason explains that Mike has been mentioning Morgan, so he could be on Carly's mind.

Carly says she knows Morgan's gone, but is hoping he'll come back. Jason thinks Sonny needs to know. Carly says he has too much on his plate with Mike.

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Curtis finds Drew hanging out on the pier drinking his sorrows away. Curtis doesn't believe it's the end for Drew and Sam. Drew points out that Sam is in love with his brother. Curtis thinks Sam feels a sense of loyalty to Jason, but she won't be happy with him. Drew is upset with himself for not seeing it coming and tells Curtis to leave him alone.

Sonny wants to use Andre's mind mapping for Mike, but Andre explains that it can't be used to cure Alzheimer's. Sonny offers to pay him. Andre counters even if he had the flash drive with all of his work, it won't make a difference. He tells Sonny to collect all the memories with Mike he can.

Julian shows Kim the back office to the bar where he's been living, and the two have sex.

Ned has a meeting with some of the townsfolk to discuss how to rebuild the city. Michael mentions the homes in the low income areas were the most damaged. Ned says they need to preserve the character of the city and start a PR campaign.

Jason runs into a drunken Drew on the pier.