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John Is Suspicious of Marlena on Days of Our Lives


Chloe finds out who sent her the bouquet of flowers. Lucas questions why the man would send her flowers if he didn't know Chloe to begin with.

Eve and Brady bicker about the Bella contest and working together. Brady informs her the contest went live on the Internet two minutes ago.

Claire tells Ciara and Tripp the contest is online. Ciara remarks there are lots of pretty faces to compete with. Claire's chides Ciara and tells her she's not afraid of her competitors, including Ciara.

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John joins up with Marlena at the hospital. He sneaks up behind her and she quickly closes her tablet. When he asks her about it, she tells him it's work related. He tells her she's a bad liar and wants to know what she's up to.

Kayla and Steve are at the pub. She offers him some coffee and a game of darts, but he refuses. She tries to encourage him to play, but Steve keeps saying he can't. He tells her he can't see her or anything else.

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